1929: Typhoon and Other Stories, by Joseph Conrad

By (author)Joseph Conrad


“Typhoon and Other Stories” by Joseph Conrad is a vivid representation of Conrad’s experiences as a seaman. “Typhoon,” the centerpiece of the collection, is a gripping tale of a steamship and its crew braving a fierce storm, serving as a powerful metaphor for the human struggle against overwhelming odds. Conrad’s narrative is renowned for its intense descriptions and psychological depth, delving into the inner lives of the characters as they face external dangers and their own internal conflicts. The stories in this collection are marked by Conrad’s characteristic themes of isolation, the unforgiving nature of the sea, and the complexities of moral and ethical dilemmas.

The other stories in the collection, though lesser-known, are equally compelling and explore similar themes of survival, human frailty, and moral ambiguity. Conrad’s writing style, with its intricate narrative techniques and richly descriptive language, brings a unique depth to these stories, setting him apart as one of the great storytellers of the early 20th century. His ability to intertwine personal human dramas with broader themes of existential struggle makes “Typhoon and Other Stories” a profound study of humanity.

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Typhoon and Other Stories, by Joseph Conrad, published by William Heinemann in London in 1929. 304 pages.

Hardcover volume bound in red cloth. Black lettering on cover and spine. There is mild wear to cover, slight discoloration to spine. Slight forward tilt to spine, but the book is well bound. No writing or markings. Very clean. Very good + condition, great antique edition of Conrad’s classic work.

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