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  • 1964: Shakespeare for Young Players, by Robertson Davies

    “Shakespeare for Young Players,” penned by esteemed Canadian author Robertson Davies in 1964, serves as an engaging and accessible introduction to the works of William Shakespeare for younger audiences. Davies, known for his profound contributions to literature and theater, utilizes his expertise to adapt Shakespeare’s complex plays into a format that is more digestible and appealing for children and teenagers. His approach involves simplifying the Bard’s intricate language and themes while preserving the essence of the original works. This book likely offers either adapted narratives or insightful analyses of Shakespeare’s plays, aimed at demystifying the renowned playwright’s content for a younger demographic.

  • Set of Two Detective Book Club volumes: Eberhart, James, Allbeury, Johnston, Ferrars, Simenon

    The Detective Book Club, produced by Walter J. Black, Inc., was a popular series that provided readers with a steady supply of mystery and detective novels. Launched in the 1940s, this book club was known for publishing condensed versions of three mystery novels in a single volume, offering readers a variety of crime and detective stories in a convenient format. These compilations were typically hardcover books, making them durable and collectible.

    Walter J. Black, Inc. was a publishing firm that specialized in producing book series and book club editions, and the Detective Book Club was one of their most popular offerings. The club operated similarly to other book clubs of the time, where subscribers would receive new books periodically. This model of distribution was particularly appealing to avid readers of mystery and detective genres, as it ensured a regular and diverse stream of content.

    The books selected for the Detective Book Club covered a broad range of mystery and detective stories, from classic whodunits and police procedurals to thrillers and noir fiction. These selections often included works by well-known authors in the genre, as well as introducing readers to emerging writers. The club played a significant role in popularizing mystery and detective novels among the American reading public.

    While the Detective Book Club is no longer active, its publications are cherished by collectors and enthusiasts of the genre. The club’s format of combining multiple novels in one volume was innovative for its time and provided a unique way for readers to discover a wide array of mystery and detective stories. The Detective Book Club series remains a notable part of the history of mystery literature publishing.

  • 1952: The Admirable Crichton, by J. M. Barrie

    “The Admirable Crichton,” a play written by J. M. Barrie, was first performed in 1902. J. M. Barrie, best known for creating “Peter Pan,” crafted this work as a social commentary wrapped in a comedic format. The play stands out for its satirical take on class distinctions and social structures in Edwardian society.

    The plot revolves around the character of Crichton, a competent and resourceful butler serving the aristocratic Loam family. The central event of the play is a shipwreck that leaves Crichton and the Loams stranded on a deserted island. In this new setting, away from the rigid class structures of British society, Crichton’s practical skills and leadership qualities come to the fore. He becomes the natural leader of the group, reversing the traditional servant-master relationship. This role reversal is central to the play’s exploration of class dynamics and the question of whether social hierarchies are a product of nature or nurture.

    “The Admirable Crichton” is characterized by Barrie’s signature wit and clever dialogue. The play humorously yet thoughtfully examines the artificiality of social status and the true nature of nobility and competence. It poses philosophical questions about equality and the inherent worth of individuals, irrespective of their social standing.

    The play was well-received and has been adapted into various forms, including films and television, testament to its enduring appeal. “The Admirable Crichton” remains a significant work in the canon of British theatre for its engaging narrative, its critique of social structures, and its insightful observations on human nature and societal norms.

  • 1942: The Bobbsey Twins In the Land of Cotton, by Laura Lee Hope

    “The Bobbsey Twins in the Land of Cotton,” authored by Laura Lee Hope is one of the many installments in the beloved Bobbsey Twins series, a popular children’s book series in the early to mid-20th century. The series features the adventures of two sets of twins in the Bobbsey family – Bert and Nan, who are twelve years old, and Flossie and Freddie, who are six. Each book takes the twins on various adventures, often involving mysteries and exciting discoveries, and this particular title is no exception.

    Set in the Southern United States, “The Bobbsey Twins in the Land of Cotton” explores the culture and lifestyle of the region through the eyes of the Bobbsey family. The story, like others in the series, is characterized by its wholesome and light-hearted nature, aimed at imparting moral lessons and entertaining young readers. The book’s portrayal of the South, however, is reflective of the time it was written, and modern readers may find some depictions outdated or stereotypical. The Bobbsey Twins series has been noted for its cultural and historical value, offering insights into the societal norms and attitudes of its time. This particular book, with its engaging narrative and exploration of new environments, continues to be a charming read for those interested in classic children’s literature.

  • 1967: The Shape of Things to Come, by H. G. Wells

    “The Shape of Things to Come,” authored by H.G. Wells and originally published in 1933, is a visionary science fiction novel that explores the future of humanity through speculative foresight. The narrative is framed as a historical account written from the future, specifically the year 2106, by a character named Dr. Philip Raven, who bases his account on a series of dream visions. Wells’s ambitious narrative spans from the 1930s to the 22nd century, detailing a series of catastrophic events, including global wars, plagues, and the eventual collapse of existing political and social structures. Notably, the novel predicts the occurrence of a second world war and various technological advancements, such as air warfare and a global communication network akin to the internet.

    Beyond its prescient visions of technological and geopolitical developments, Wells’s novel is a profound commentary on the human condition and the potential trajectories of societal evolution. It reflects his idealistic belief in progress through rational thought and scientific innovation, advocating for a unified world governed by knowledge and cooperation. “The Shape of Things to Come” stands out not only for its speculative insights but also for its influence on the science fiction genre. Despite some predictions being off the mark, the novel remains a significant and fascinating work, illustrating both the hopes and warnings of its era regarding the future of mankind.

  • 1980: The Little Immigrants: The Orphans Who Came to Canada, by Kenneth Bagnell

    “The Little Immigrants: The Orphans Who Came to Canada” by Kenneth Bagnell is a historical non-fiction work, the present copy of which was published by Macmillan of Canada in Toronto in 1980. Hardcover volume bound in brown cloth with gilt lettering on the spine.

    The book tells the story of the thousands of British children who were sent to Canada between 1869 and 1939 as part of a child migration scheme. Bagnell provides a detailed account of their journey, the conditions they faced, and the impact it had on their lives. The book is in very good+ condition with minor wear to the dust jacket and bears an owner’s inscription on the front endpaper. The work is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Canadian history and the experiences of child migrants.

  • Gordon Craig and the Theatre: A Record and an Interpretation, by Enid Rose

    “Gordon Craig and the Theatre: A Record and an Interpretation” by Enid Rose is a comprehensive biography that delves into the life and work of Gordon Craig, a prominent figure in the world of theater. This 250-page hardcover volume, published by Sampson Low, Marston & Co in London, provides a valuable insight into Craig’s contributions to the theater industry. The book is in good to very good condition, with some wear to the cover boards and slight yellowing of the pages. It is well bound and contains no writing or markings aside from an owner’s inscription dated 1941.

    The book explores Craig’s innovative ideas and interpretations of theater, making it a must-read for theater enthusiasts and scholars alike.

  • 1968: Small Antiques for the Collector, by Douglas Gohm

    “Small Antiques for the Collector” by Douglas Gohm is a valuable vintage reference book for antique enthusiasts. Published by Arco Publishing in New York in 1968, this hardcover volume is bound in blue cloth with gilt lettering on the spine. With 223 pages, it provides a comprehensive guide to small antiques, offering insights into their history, value, and significance.

    The book is in very good condition, with only minor rubbing and wear along the top edges of the cover boards. It is tightly bound and free from any markings or writing. Although there is slight fading to the page color due to its age, this does not detract from the overall quality of the book. No dustjacket.

  • 1958 First Edition: Their Village, by Wilfried Gavin-Brown

    First edition of “Their Village” by Wilfried Gavin-Brown, published by Ludgate Press in 1958. This 129-page account is a thought-provoking exploration of a small village and its inhabitants. Set in an idyllic countryside, the story follows the lives of various characters as they navigate the complexities of love, loss, and community.

    The blue hardcover volume with gilt lettering on the spine is in very good + condition, with no writing or markings anywhere in the book. The tightly bound pages ensure a durable reading experience. The dust jacket shows minor wear and a couple of small mended tears at the top edge.

  • 1985 First edition: Ronald Searle’s Golden Oldies 1941-1961

    “Ronald Searle’s Golden Oldies 1941-1961” is a large format hardcover volume that showcases the iconic early sketches of renowned artist Ronald Searle. Published by Pavilion Books in London in 1985, this beautiful first edition is a must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors. The book features Searle’s most famous and celebrated sketches, spanning from 1941 when he first began publishing in Lilliput magazine, to 1961 when he relocated to Paris. With its brand new, clean, and tightly bound condition, this book is a treasure for anyone interested in Searle’s artistic journey. The 144-page volume measures 31x22x2cm, making it a visually impressive addition to any bookshelf.

  • 1994: The New Yorker Book of Doctor Cartoons (and Psychiatrist)

    “The New Yorker Book of Doctor Cartoons (and Psychiatrist)” is a delightful collection of cartoons published by Alfred Knopf. This 6th printing edition, spanning 86 pages, offers a humorous and insightful exploration of the medical profession. The book showcases a range of witty and clever cartoons from The New Yorker magazine, providing a lighthearted yet astute commentary on doctors and psychiatrists.

    Aside from the price clipped corrner on the front end paper, this book is as good as new. Perfect for both medical professionals and humor enthusiasts, it offers a unique perspective on the world of medicine through the lens of cartoons.

  • 1966 First Edition: Tai-Pan, a Novel of Hong Kong, by James Clavell

    Tai-Pan, a Novel of Hong Kong, by James Clavell. The present edition was published by Atheneum in New York in 1966. This 594-page cloth hardcover volume showcases the lettering on the cover and spine, with only slight rubbing to the spine. The book is inscribed with the owner’s name on the front endpaper but is otherwise in impeccable condition, as good as new, with no other writing or markings. Deckled fore-edges.

    This is Clavell’s second novel that delves into the captivating story of Dirk Struan, the Tai-Pan of the Noble House, and the founding of British Hong Kong. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century Hong Kong, this epic tale explores the power struggles, political intrigue, and fierce competition that shaped the region’s history. With meticulous attention to detail and a richly developed plot, Tai-Pan immerses readers in a world of adventure, betrayal, and honor. A must-read for fans of historical fiction and those seeking a deeper understanding of Hong Kong’s fascinating past.

  • 1990: Pictor’s Metamorphoses and Other Fantasies, by Hermann Hesse

    “Pictor’s Metamorphoses and Other Fantasies”, written by Hermann Hesse and translated by Rika Lesser, is a collection of enchanting tales that transport readers into a world of imagination and introspection. Published by The Noonday Press, Farrar, Straus and Giroux in New York in 1990, this edition features an insightful introduction by Theodore Ziolkowski.

    The compilation showcases Hesse’s mastery in storytelling, exploring themes of transformation, identity, and the power of art. Slight rubbing on cover, as good as new otherwise. While a slight crease on the spine indicates that the book has been opened, it has never been fully read.

  • 1953 Shipwrecks of the Lakes Told in Story and Pictures, by Dana Thomas Bowen

    “Shipwrecks of the Lakes Told in Story and Pictures” by Dana Thomas Bowen is a meticulously researched and beautifully illustrated book that delves into the fascinating history of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes region. Published in 1953, this second printing offers a comprehensive account of the numerous maritime disasters that have occurred on the lakes, accompanied by captivating photographs and illustrations. With 368 pages, this book provides a wealth of information about the tragic events, the ships involved, and the brave individuals who risked their lives to save others. The book is in excellent condition, with the book block appearing as new and only slight wear on the dust jacket, which has been mended at a couple of minor tears. A valuable addition to any maritime history collection, “Shipwrecks of the Lakes Told in Story and Pictures” offers a gripping exploration of the perilous waters and the stories that lie beneath.

  • 1978 First Edition: Skippy, Percy and Crosby: The Life and Work of a Great American Cartoonist, by Jerry Robinson

    “Skippy, Percy and Crosby: The Life and Work of a Great American Cartoonist”, written by Jerry Robinson and illustrated by Percy Crosby, is a comprehensive biography that delves into the fascinating world of a renowned cartoonist. Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston in New York in 1978, this large format hardcover volume is a first edition, first printing, making it a valuable addition to a collector’s library. The book block is in pristine condition, while the dust jacket exhibits minor wear and a small mended tear on the top. There is a fold crease on the front flap, it’s numbered 1078.

    In “Skippy, Percy and Crosby”, readers are taken on a journey through the life and work of a great American cartoonist. Jerry Robinson provides a detailed account of the artist’s career, showcasing his iconic illustrations and their impact on the world of cartoons. This book not only offers a glimpse into the life of a talented individual but also explores the key themes and influences that shaped his work.

  • 1957 First Edition: Lights on the Tantra, by M. P. Pandit

    First edition of “Lights on the Tantra”, written by M. P. Pandit and published by Ganesh & Co in Madras in 1957. Rare and valuable copy of a work that offers profound insights into the ancient practice of Tantra.

    While the cover shows some expected wear, the inside of the book is in pristine condition. Lights on the Tantra delves into the esoteric world of Tantra, exploring its philosophy, rituals, and spiritual practices. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in delving deeper into the mysteries of Tantra and its transformative power.

  • 1945: Saints and Strangers: Being the Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers & Their Families with Their Friends & Foes, by George F. Willison

    Saints and Strangers: Being the Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers & Their Families with Their Friends & Foes, by George F. Willison, is a comprehensive historical account of the Pilgrim Fathers and their journey to the New World. The book provides a detailed look at the lives of the Pilgrims, their interactions with Native Americans, and the challenges they faced in establishing a new colony. With 513 pages, this book offers a thorough exploration of this important period in American history.

    This particular copy of Saints and Strangers is in very good condition, with an owner’s signature inscribed in ink on the inside front cover and again in pencil on the pre-titular page. The book is very clean and tightly bound. The dust jacket shows some wear around the edges, consistent with the age of the book, but is still in good to very good condition.

  • 1973: Aislin 73: 150 Caricatures, by Aislin (Terry Mosher)

    Aislin 73: 150 Caricatures is a softcover volume published by Content Publishing in Montreal in 1973. This book features a collection of 150 caricatures by Aislin (Terry Mosher), a renowned Canadian cartoonist. The cover shows slight wear, with two light outlines of dampstains, as depicted in the provided photos. The inside of the book is in pristine condition, with no writing or marking of any kind.

    This volume offers a unique glimpse into the world of political satire and humor during the early 1970s. Aislin’s caricatures skillfully capture the essence of prominent figures from that era, providing both entertainment and historical insight. The book is for fans of political cartoons or those interested in the cultural and political landscape of the 1970s.

  • 1996: Folktakes, by Karel Jaromir Erben and Bozena Nemcova

    Folktales is a beautifully illustrated collection of Czech folktales, translated into English by Vera Gissing and Lucy Dolezalova. The book features stories from two renowned Czech authors, Karel Jaromir Erben and Bozena Nemcova, and is accompanied by stunning illustrations by Josef Lada.

    This 118-page book is brand new and in excellent condition. The stories in this book cover a wide range of themes and topics, from love and betrayal to magic and adventure. Each tale is unique and offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the Czechia.

  • 1991: A History of the Arab Peoples, by Albert Hourani

    “A History of the Arab Peoples”, by Albert Hourani, is a comprehensive account of the Arab world from the rise of Islam to the late 20th Century. This presumed first edition, published by the Belcap Press of the Harvard University Press in Cambridge in 1991, spans 551 pages and provides a detailed exploration of the region’s political, social, and cultural history. Although some pre-Islamic history is included, the book primarily focuses on the impact of Islam on the Arab world and the subsequent developments that have shaped the region.
    he book is new and has never been fully opened or read; there is slight foxing on the top page edges and fore-edges.