1967: The Shape of Things to Come, by H. G. Wells

By (author)H. G. Wells


“The Shape of Things to Come,” authored by H.G. Wells and originally published in 1933, is a visionary science fiction novel that explores the future of humanity through speculative foresight. The narrative is framed as a historical account written from the future, specifically the year 2106, by a character named Dr. Philip Raven, who bases his account on a series of dream visions. Wells’s ambitious narrative spans from the 1930s to the 22nd century, detailing a series of catastrophic events, including global wars, plagues, and the eventual collapse of existing political and social structures. Notably, the novel predicts the occurrence of a second world war and various technological advancements, such as air warfare and a global communication network akin to the internet.

Beyond its prescient visions of technological and geopolitical developments, Wells’s novel is a profound commentary on the human condition and the potential trajectories of societal evolution. It reflects his idealistic belief in progress through rational thought and scientific innovation, advocating for a unified world governed by knowledge and cooperation. “The Shape of Things to Come” stands out not only for its speculative insights but also for its influence on the science fiction genre. Despite some predictions being off the mark, the novel remains a significant and fascinating work, illustrating both the hopes and warnings of its era regarding the future of mankind.

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1967: The Shape of Things to Come, by H.G. Wells, published by Corgi Books in London in 1967. 446 pages.

Vintage paperback volume, that’s been well read and enjoyed over the years. Toning and fading to page color. A damp stain in lower right corner, visible on cover, page edges and some page corners. Overall fair to good condition for a vintage paperback.

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