1954: Youth and Gaspar Ruiz, by Joseph Conrad

By (author)Joseph Conrad


Youth and Gaspar Ruiz is a collection of two novellas written by Joseph Conrad. The book features two distinct stories that explore the themes of youth, adventure, and the complexities of human nature. In Youth, Conrad takes readers on a gripping journey as he narrates the experiences of Marlow, a young seaman, who embarks on a treacherous voyage to the East. The story delves into the challenges and trials faced by Marlow, offering a profound reflection on the passage from youth to maturity. In Gaspar Ruiz, Conrad presents a tale of revolution and its aftermath, set in South America. The novella delves into the moral dilemmas faced by the protagonist, Gaspar Ruiz, as he navigates the complexities of loyalty, betrayal, and identity. With its vivid storytelling and exploration of human psyche, Youth and Gaspar Ruiz stand as a significant addition to Conrad’s body of work.

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Youth and Gaspar Ruiz, by Joseph Conrad, published by J. M. Dent & Sons in 1954. Reprint of the edition originally published in 1920. 189 pages.

Small hardcover volume bound in red cloth with impressed ornamentation on cover and gilt lettering on spine. Cover in near mint condition with minimal wear. Contains owner inscription on inside front cover. Inside covers also bear marks where protective cover was attached to the book. Back end paper contains owner’s pencil notes. No other writing or markings. Tightly bound. Great vintage volume.

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