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  • 1973: Heath Robinson: Artist and Comic Genius, by John Lewis

    “Heath Robinson: Artist and Comic Genius” by John Lewis, published in 1973 by Harper & Row in New York, is an exploration of the life and work of W. Heath Robinson, a renowned British cartoonist and illustrator. Known for his intricate and whimsical machinery illustrations, Heath Robinson earned a reputation as a comic genius with a distinctive style that still resonates with audiences today. In this book, John Lewis delves into Robinson’s artistic journey, providing a comprehensive look at his wide-ranging work that spanned book illustrations, magazine cartoons, and wartime sketches. The book is not only a celebration of Robinson’s artistic achievements but also an intimate look at the man behind the famed contraptions and his impact on the world of art and humor.

    Lewis’s book is richly illustrated with Robinson’s work, offering readers a visual feast of his most iconic creations. It details how Robinson’s art evolved over time, reflecting the changing social and political landscapes of his era. The author expertly weaves biography with artistic analysis, revealing how Robinson’s unique blend of whimsy and satire was often a commentary on the absurdities of modern life.

  • 1985 First edition: Ronald Searle’s Golden Oldies 1941-1961

    “Ronald Searle’s Golden Oldies 1941-1961” is a large format hardcover volume that showcases the iconic early sketches of renowned artist Ronald Searle. Published by Pavilion Books in London in 1985, this beautiful first edition is a must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors. The book features Searle’s most famous and celebrated sketches, spanning from 1941 when he first began publishing in Lilliput magazine, to 1961 when he relocated to Paris. With its brand new, clean, and tightly bound condition, this book is a treasure for anyone interested in Searle’s artistic journey. The 144-page volume measures 31x22x2cm, making it a visually impressive addition to any bookshelf.

  • 1994: The New Yorker Book of Doctor Cartoons (and Psychiatrist)

    “The New Yorker Book of Doctor Cartoons (and Psychiatrist)” is a delightful collection of cartoons published by Alfred Knopf. This 6th printing edition, spanning 86 pages, offers a humorous and insightful exploration of the medical profession. The book showcases a range of witty and clever cartoons from The New Yorker magazine, providing a lighthearted yet astute commentary on doctors and psychiatrists.

    Aside from the price clipped corrner on the front end paper, this book is as good as new. Perfect for both medical professionals and humor enthusiasts, it offers a unique perspective on the world of medicine through the lens of cartoons.

  • 1978 First Edition: Skippy, Percy and Crosby: The Life and Work of a Great American Cartoonist, by Jerry Robinson

    “Skippy, Percy and Crosby: The Life and Work of a Great American Cartoonist”, written by Jerry Robinson and illustrated by Percy Crosby, is a comprehensive biography that delves into the fascinating world of a renowned cartoonist. Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston in New York in 1978, this large format hardcover volume is a first edition, first printing, making it a valuable addition to a collector’s library. The book block is in pristine condition, while the dust jacket exhibits minor wear and a small mended tear on the top. There is a fold crease on the front flap, it’s numbered 1078.

    In “Skippy, Percy and Crosby”, readers are taken on a journey through the life and work of a great American cartoonist. Jerry Robinson provides a detailed account of the artist’s career, showcasing his iconic illustrations and their impact on the world of cartoons. This book not only offers a glimpse into the life of a talented individual but also explores the key themes and influences that shaped his work.

  • 1973: Aislin 73: 150 Caricatures, by Aislin (Terry Mosher)

    Aislin 73: 150 Caricatures is a softcover volume published by Content Publishing in Montreal in 1973. This book features a collection of 150 caricatures by Aislin (Terry Mosher), a renowned Canadian cartoonist. The cover shows slight wear, with two light outlines of dampstains, as depicted in the provided photos. The inside of the book is in pristine condition, with no writing or marking of any kind.

    This volume offers a unique glimpse into the world of political satire and humor during the early 1970s. Aislin’s caricatures skillfully capture the essence of prominent figures from that era, providing both entertainment and historical insight. The book is for fans of political cartoons or those interested in the cultural and political landscape of the 1970s.