George Findley Willison was an American writer and editor who wrote about American history. He worked education, journalism, art, public relations and the military. He is primarily associated with writing about the history of the Pilgrim Fathers and their families. Willison’s work focuses on the lives of the Pilgrims, their friends, and foes, providing a comprehensive account of their experiences.

One of Willison’s key influential works is “Saints and Strangers: Being the Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers & Their Families with Their Friends & Foes,” published in 1945. This book delves into the lives of the Pilgrim Fathers, exploring their journey to the New World, their interactions with Native Americans, and the challenges they faced in establishing a new settlement. Willison’s meticulous research and attention to detail make this work a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of the Pilgrims.

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