1965: Prime Minister’s Daughter, by Maurice Edelman

By (author)Maurice Edelman


Prime Minister’s Daughter by Maurice Edelman is a thought-provoking political novel set in 1960s England. Published by Random House in New York in 1965, this 246-page book offers readers an insightful exploration of power, family dynamics, and the complexities of political life.

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Prime Minister’s Daughter, by Maurice Edelman, published by Random House in New York in 1965. 246 pages.

Brown cloth hardcover volume with black spine. Ornamentation on front and lettering on spine. Deckled fore-edged, top edges – green. Inside front cover has a small pen marking – signature of former owner, as well as a small water stain in top right corner. Otherwise, book is clean and in very good condition. Dustjacket present and has some wear and tear along edges and a larger rip on the front. Please see photos to confirm condition.

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