1969: The House on the Strand, by Daphne du Maurier (first ed, book club edition)


The House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier is a thrilling work of fiction that takes readers on a journey through time. The story follows Richard Young, a man who has been given the opportunity to test a new drug that transports him back to the 14th century. As he becomes more and more engrossed in the past, Richard begins to lose touch with the present and the people around him. He finds himself drawn to the lives of the people he encounters in the past and becomes embroiled in their dramas and conflicts. As the drug’s effects become more intense, Richard must struggle to maintain his grip on reality and find a way back to his own time.

This book is a masterful blend of historical fiction and science fiction, with du Maurier’s signature suspenseful style keeping readers on the edge of their seats. The House on the Strand explores themes of time, identity, and the human desire to escape reality.

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The House on the Strand, by Daphne du Maurier, 1969, Doubleday & Company, New York, 1969. Book club edition.

Hardcover volume. There is a little wear and slight water staining on spine of dust jacket. The book itself is almost as good as new tightly bound, clean, with barely noticeable fading to the pages due to age. Deckled fore-edges.

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