1931: The Making of Man: An Outline of Anthropology, edited by V.F. Calverton

By (author)V. F. Calverton


“The Making of Man: An Outline of Anthropology,” edited by V.F. Calverton, is a comprehensive exploration into the study of anthropology during the early 20th century. Published in 1931, a period marked by significant scientific and cultural shifts, the book delves into various aspects of human evolution, cultural development, and the biological factors that have shaped humanity. Calverton, known for his intellectual rigor and interdisciplinary approach, compiles contributions from a range of experts in the field, making this work a substantial compilation of anthropological knowledge of the time. The book reflects the era’s perspectives and theories, offering insights into how early anthropologists viewed human development and the factors influencing it.

The book is notable for its attempt to synthesize a wide array of anthropological knowledge into a cohesive framework. Covering topics from the physical evolution of humans to the development of language, art, and social structures, it provides a panoramic view of human history from an anthropological perspective. The work stands as a testament to the intellectual curiosity and scholarly efforts of its era, offering a window into the methodologies and theoretical underpinnings of early 20th-century anthropology. For modern readers, “The Making of Man” serves not only as a historical piece but also as a tool for understanding the evolution of anthropological thought and its impact on our contemporary understanding of human history and culture.

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The Making of Man: An Outline of Anthropology, ed. by V.F. Calverton, published by The Modern Library, New York, 1931. 879 pages.

Softcover volume bound in green cloth, with gilt impressed ornamentation on front cover and gilt lettering on spine. Modera wear to cover, some fading to the spine. Volume has a forward tilt to the spine. It is well bound. Inside front cover has a small owner inscription in bottom corner. No other writing or markings. Slight toning to page color due to age of the book. Good to very good condition.

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