1982: Classic Chinese Cuisine, by Nina Simonds

By (author)Nina Simonds


Classic Chinese Cuisine by Nina Simonds serves as a comprehensive guide to Chinese cooking. The book covers all the essential techniques of Chinese cooking and includes over 200 recipes, each accompanied by photographs and illustrations. The book has been singled out as one of the all-time cookbook bibles and is considered a must-have for anyone interested in Chinese cuisine.

The softcover volume, published in 1982 by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, is an early edition of the book, likely a second or third printing. Despite some expected wear marks on the cover, the book is in excellent condition.

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Early edition of Nina Simonds’ Classic Chinese Cooking, published in 1982. Second or third printing. 353 pages.

Singled out as one of the all-time cookbook bibles, Classic Chinese Cuisine is a detailed introduction to the basics of Chinese cooking, covering all the essential techniques, including photographs and illustrations for over 200 recipes.

Softcover volume. There are some expected wear marks the cover, but otherwise the book is as good as new.

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