1996: Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood

By (author)Margaret Atwood


Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood is a historical fiction novel that tells the story of Grace Marks, a young Irish immigrant who was convicted of murder in Canada in 1843. The novel is based on a true story and explores themes of memory, identity, and the nature of truth. The story is told from the perspectives of Grace and a young doctor who is trying to uncover the truth about the murders. As the doctor delves deeper into Grace’s past, he begins to question whether she is truly guilty or if she has been wrongly accused. The novel is a masterful blend of fact and fiction, and Atwood’s writing is both beautiful and haunting.

This early edition of Alias Grace is in excellent condition, with a beige hardcover and impressed ornamentation. The book is tightly bound and very clean, although the front blank paper is missing.

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Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood, McClelland & Stewart Inc, Toronto, 1996, 470 pages. Early edition.

Beige hardcover volume with impressed ornamentation and gilt lettering on front and spine. Very clean and tightly bound volume. Front paper is missing (see photo). No dust jacket.
Nearly as good as new.

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