Set of 3 Vintage Cookbooks: Food from Market to Table, Three Meals a Day, Busy Woman’s Cookbook


This set of vintage cookbooks includes three titles that offer a glimpse into the history of cooking and homemaking.

The first book, “Food From Market to Table,” was published in 1940 and provides a comprehensive guide to buying and cooking food for everyday meals and special occasions. The book shows signs of heavy use, with fading and staining on the pages, but offers a wealth of information and recipes for readers interested in traditional cooking methods.

The second book, “Three Meals a Day,” was published in 1949 and contains 480 pages of recipes and cooking tips. The book is well-worn, with considerable wear to the cover and some pages separated from the spine. However, it includes several hand-written recipes for time-tested desserts, as well as a bonus recipe for Governor Sauce.

The third book, “Busy Woman’s Cookbook,” was published in 1971 and offers shortcuts and make-ahead cooking tips for busy homemakers. The book is in very good condition and includes colored photographs, as well as a dust jacket with moderate signs of wear.

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Set of three well-used vintage cookbooks:

1. Food From Market to Table: a Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking for Every Day and Special Occasions, by Marie Holmes, published by The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, Toronto, 1940, 560 pages.
Hardcover cloth volume with printing and lettering on cover and spine. Book is well used, with writing on inside front cover. Some fading to pages due to time, occasional staining from heavy use.

2. Three Meals a Day, by Jessie Read, New and Revised Edition, The Musson Book Company, Toronto, 1949, 480 pages.
Hardcover cloth volume with red lettering on cover and spine. Considerable wear to cover. A recipe for Governor Sauce is hand-written in ink on inside front cover (a bonus!). The book contains several more pages with hand-written recipes for time-tested desserts. There is some fading to pages due to age, as well as some staining due to heavy use. Some pages have separated from the spine.

3. Busy Woman’s Cookbook containing Short-cut cooking and Make-ahead cooking by the Food editors of Farm Journal, a completely Revised and Reorganized Edition of Farm Journal’s Timesaving Country Cookbook, published by Doubleday & Company, Inc, New York, 1971, 319 pages.
Hardcover volume, well bound and in very good condition. No writing or markings. Colored photographs. Deckled fore-edges. Dustjacket present, with moderate signs of wear, tears along edges and spine.

Please see photos to confirm condition of the books.

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