Ryan North is a Canadian author and comic book writer, born on October 20, 1980. He is best known for his work in the field of interactive fiction and chooseable-path adventures. North gained recognition for work, “To Be or Not to Be: a chooseable-path adventure,” which was first published in 2013. This book, co-authored by William Shakespeare and the reader themselves, offers a unique twist on Shakespeare’s classic play, “Hamlet.” It allows readers to navigate through the story and make choices that determine the outcome of the plot.

Ryan North’s writing style is characterized by his witty humor and ability to engage readers in interactive storytelling. He has a talent for blending traditional literature with modern elements, making his works accessible and entertaining for a wide audience. With his chooseable-path adventures, North has revitalized the concept of interactive fiction, providing readers with a fresh and engaging reading experience.

In addition to his work on chooseable-path adventures, Ryan North is also known for his webcomic “Dinosaur Comics,” which he has been writing since 2003. His unique and humorous approach to storytelling has garnered a dedicated following. North’s contributions to the world of literature have made him a prominent figure in the field of interactive storytelling, and his works continue to captivate readers with their creativity and humor.

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