1959: The Armada, by Garrett Mattingly – History of the attempt of the Spanish Armada to invade England in 1588


The Armada by Garrett Mattingly is a comprehensive account of the Spanish Armada’s attempt to invade England in 1588. Mattingly, a historian and professor at Columbia University, provides a detailed and engaging narrative of the events leading up to the invasion, the battles that ensued, and the aftermath of the failed mission. The book covers not only the military and political aspects of the conflict, but also the cultural and social context of the time, making it a rich and informative read for history enthusiasts.

The hardcover edition of The Armada features a striking red cover with ornamental lettering and is well-preserved despite its age. The book is well-bound and free of any markings or writing, making it a valuable addition to any history lover’s collection. Mattingly’s writing style is accessible and engaging, making the complex historical events easy to follow and understand.

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The Armada, by Garrett Mattingly, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1959. First edition, fifth printing. 443 pages.

The Armada is a popular history by Garrett Mattingly—a historian who taught at Columbia University—about the attempt of the Spanish Armada to invade England in 1588.

Red cloth hardcover volume with ornamentation and lettering on cover and spine. No dustjacket. Cover and spine in very good condition. The book is well bound, with a very minor forward tilt. No writing or markings anywhere in the book.

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