Jon Godden (Winsome Ruth Key Godden) was an English author who was born on August 25, 1906 in India. She is the older sister of Rumer Godden, with whom she co-wrote “Two Under the Indian Sun,” which was first published in 1966.

Jon Godden wrote about India and its culture. Her works often explore themes of colonialism, identity, and the clash of cultures. They are known for their vivid descriptions and immersive storytelling, which transport readers to the vibrant landscapes and diverse communities of India.

“Two Under the Indian Sun,” is a memoir of the siblings’ childhood in India. The book provides a unique perspective on the British Raj and offers insights into the complexities of life in a colonial setting. Through their writing, Jon and Rumer Godden shed light on the social, cultural, and political dynamics of India during that era.

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