Dorothy Emily Stevenson was a Scottish author who lived from 1892 to 1973. She wrote over 40 novels, many of which were bestsellers during her time. Her literary style is often described as gentle and charming, with a focus on character development and relationships. Stevenson’s works were heavily influenced by her own life experiences, including her upbringing in Scotland and her time living in England and the United States.

Stevenson is best known for her novels in the romance and family saga genres, often set in small towns and villages. Her works often explore themes of love, family, and the importance of community. Some of her most notable works include “Miss Buncle’s Book,” “The Four Graces,” and “Mrs. Tim of the Regiment.” Stevenson’s writing has been praised for its warmth, humor, and relatability, making her a beloved author for generations of readers.

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  • 1971 First Edition: The House of the Deer, by D. E. Stevenson

    The House of the Deer, written by D. E. Stevenson, is a novel that was first published in 1971. The story is set in Scotland and follows the lives of the Ayrton family, who have lived in the same house for generations. The main character, Harriet Ayrton, inherits the house from her uncle and decides to move there with her husband and children. However, they soon discover that the house is in need of repairs and they struggle to make ends meet. As they work to restore the house, they also uncover secrets about their family’s past and must confront the challenges that come with it.

    This vintage first edition of The House of the Deer features a blue cloth hardcover with white leaf-shaped ornamentation on the spine and cover, and red stamped lettering on the spine. While the book body is almost as good as new, there is some fading on the cover and a small stain on the top front cover. The dust jacket has wear around the edges and evidence of moisture/dampness on the outside of the back side. Inside the dust jacket, there are blue areas where the book cover has stained the dust jacket.

  • 1966 First Edition: The House on the Cliff, D. E. Stevenson

    The House on the Cliff by D. E. Stevenson is a gripping mystery novel that follows the story of Emily Dennistoun, a young woman who inherits a house on the Scottish coast from her late cousin. Emily is excited to start a new chapter in her life, but soon discovers that the house holds dark secrets and a mysterious past. As she delves deeper into the history of the house and its former inhabitants, Emily uncovers a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal that threatens to destroy her newfound happiness.