Edna Jaques was an influential Canadian author and poet. She was born on September 14, 1891, in Collingwood, Ontario, and passed away on February 25, 1978. Jaques is primarily associated with writing poetry and is recognized for her unique literary style and themes.

Throughout her career, Edna Jaques explored various topics in her poetry, including nature, love, and the human experience. Her works often reflected a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and showcased her keen observation skills. Jaques’ poetry was characterized by its vivid imagery, lyrical language, and emotional depth.

One of Edna Jaques’ key influential works is her autobiography titled “Uphill All the Way.” Published in 1977, this book provides readers with an intimate glimpse into the life and experiences of the author. Through her autobiography, Jaques shares her personal journey, struggles, and triumphs, offering valuable insights into her writing process and the influences that shaped her work.

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  • 1977: Uphill All the Way: An Autobiography, by Edna Jaques

    Uphill All the Way: An Autobiography, by Edna Jaques, is a 1977 memoir published by Prairie Books in Saskatoon. The 244-page hardcover volume features a clean and tightly bound interior, with occasional notes that do not detract from the reading experience. The former owner, Bob Thompson, has left his mark with insightful notes that draw parallels to his own life. The dust jacket shows moderate signs of wear, including creases, rubbing, and tears along the edges and spine. This autobiography offers a glimpse into the life of Edna Jaques and her experiences, making it a valuable addition to any memoir collection.

    The autobiography provides a detailed account of Edna Jaques’ life, offering insights into her personal experiences and observations.