Barbara “Elizabeth” Linington, born in 1921 and active until her death in 1988, was an American author known for her crime fiction novels. She primarily wrote under various pseudonyms, including Elizabeth Linington, Dell Shannon, and Lesley Egan. Linington’s writing style was characterized by her attention to detail and her ability to create complex and intriguing plots.

Linington’s most notable works revolve around the character of Luis Mendoza, a police detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. The series featuring Mendoza, known as the Luis Mendoza Mysteries, spanned over 30 novels and showcased Linington’s talent for crafting compelling police procedurals. One of her influential works is “The Ace of Spades: A Luis Mendoze Mystery,” which delves into a gripping murder investigation that challenges Mendoza’s skills and ethics.

Elizabeth Linington’s contributions to the crime fiction genre have solidified her as a respected author in the field. Her ability to create intricate mysteries and compelling characters has made her works enduring and beloved by readers around the world.

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