Francis Hindes Groome (1851-1902) was a Scottish author, folklorist, and editor. He was born in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, England, but spent most of his life in Scotland. Groome is best known for his work as the editor of the “Ordinance Gazetteer of Scotland: A Survey of Scottish Topography, Statistical, Bibliographical, and Historical.” This monumental three-volume work provides comprehensive information about Scotland’s geography, history, and culture.

Groome’s expertise in Scottish topography and his meticulous research are evident in the “Ordinance Gazetteer of Scotland.” The work covers various topics, including the geographical features of Scotland, statistical information about its towns and cities, bibliographical references, and historical accounts. It serves as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Scottish history, literature, or geography.

As an author, Groome’s contributions extend beyond the “Ordinance Gazetteer of Scotland.” He also wrote several books on folklore and contributed articles to various publications. His interest in folklore led him to collect and document traditional tales, legends, and customs from different regions of Scotland. Groome’s work in this field helped preserve Scotland’s rich cultural heritage and provided valuable insights into its traditional beliefs and practices.

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