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  • 1967, 2nd Printing: Manitoulin Manhunt, by Fred Swayze

    Manitoulin Manhunt, by Fred Swayze, is a Canadian fiction novel published in 1967. The story follows the protagonist, Bill, as he embarks on a manhunt on Manitoulin Island in Ontario. Bill is a conservation officer who is tasked with finding a dangerous criminal who has escaped from prison and is hiding on the island. As Bill navigates the rugged terrain and encounters various obstacles, he must also grapple with his own inner demons and past traumas.

    The novel is a thrilling adventure that showcases the beauty and harshness of the Canadian wilderness. Swayze’s vivid descriptions of the landscape and the characters’ actions make for a gripping read. Manitoulin Manhunt also touches on themes of redemption and forgiveness, as Bill confronts his own mistakes and learns to let go of his past.