George S. Kaufman was an American playwright and humorist, born on November 16, 1889, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was active during the early to mid-20th century and is best known for his collaborations with various writers, including Moss Hart and Edna Ferber. Kaufman’s works often revolved around witty and satirical comedies that provided a humorous commentary on society and its quirks. He was associated with the Broadway scene and his plays were known for their sharp dialogue and clever wordplay.

One of Kaufman’s key influential works is “The Royal Family: A Comedy in Three Acts,” which he co-wrote with Edna Ferber in 1927. This play, inspired by the legendary Barrymore family, explores the lives of a fictional theatrical family and their struggles to balance their personal lives with their commitment to the stage. It showcases Kaufman’s talent for creating memorable characters and his ability to blend comedy with poignant moments.

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