Joshua Watkins (1769 or 1770 – 22 June 1841) was a distinguished Baptist minister, remembered for his significant contributions to religious life in Wales during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Believed to have been born in Llangynidr, Brecknock, Watkins was deeply involved in the Baptist community from a young age.

The son of Howell Watkins, Joshua was initially associated with the Llangynidr Baptists, who were formally members at Llanwenarth. It was there that he was baptized in 1789 and began preaching the following year. His early ministry included conducting missions in Llangynidr, Tredegar, and the outskirts of Rhymney. In 1793, Watkins moved to Carmarthen to assist his friend M. J. Rhys with the Cylchgrawn Cynmraeg, though he returned to Llangynidr following the publication’s cessation.

Watkins’s ministry was marked by his commitment to missionary work and church development. Ordained as the minister of Penuel, Carmarthen, in 1796, he significantly expanded his congregation and established churches in Ferryside, Kidwelly, Porth-y-rhyd, and other locations. However, his theological views, which did not align with the higher Calvinism of West Wales, led to his secession from the Particular Baptists in 1799. He initially joined the General Baptists but, disconcerted by the Unitarian leanings within the group, he and his congregation returned to the Particular Baptists in 1805.

Watkins was well-regarded and popular throughout his life. He was involved in various religious activities, including festival preaching and working alongside former opponents to re-establish churches. In addition to his religious duties, he was engaged in the world of printing and publishing, owning a shop in Carmarthen and operating as a printer and publisher from 1809.

Joshua Watkins passed away on 22 June 1841 at the age of 71. His legacy in the Baptist denomination in Wales, marked by his zealous missionary work and dedication to his congregations, remains significant. He left behind a son who was a doctor, further connecting his family to the community of Carmarthen.

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