Katrin Wiehle is a German author and illustrator known for her captivating children’s books. She was born in 1982 and has been actively creating beautiful and imaginative stories for young readers. Wiehle’s literary style is characterized by her delicate and intricate illustrations, which often feature nature and animals as central themes.

One of Wiehle’s notable works is “My Little Forest,” a charming picture book that takes children on a journey through a forest, introducing them to various woodland creatures and their habitats. Through her vivid illustrations and simple yet engaging storytelling, Wiehle sparks curiosity and a love for nature in young readers.

Another work by Wiehle is “My Little Pond,” where she invites children to explore the fascinating world of ponds and the creatures that inhabit them. With her signature attention to detail, Wiehle brings to life the vibrant ecosystem of a pond, encouraging children to observe and appreciate the wonders of nature.

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