Kenneth Lewis Roberts was an American writer of historical fiction. Born on December 8, 1885, in Kennebunk, Maine, Roberts initially pursued a career in journalism before transitioning to writing historical fiction novels. He is best known for his meticulously researched novels that often revolve around American history and the Revolutionary War era.

Roberts’ literary style is characterized by his attention to detail and his ability to bring historical events to life through his vivid storytelling. His works often explore themes of patriotism, adventure, and the struggles faced by individuals during times of war. Roberts’ extensive research and commitment to historical accuracy have earned him a reputation as a respected historical novelist.

One of Kenneth Roberts’ most influential works is “Lydia Bailey,” published in 1947. Set against the backdrop of the Haitian Revolution, the novel follows the journey of the titular character, Lydia Bailey, as she becomes entangled in the political turmoil of the time. Roberts skillfully weaves together elements of history, romance, and adventure, creating a captivating narrative that showcases his storytelling prowess and historical knowledge.

Kenneth Roberts is a renowned author known for his historical fiction novels that transport readers to significant moments in American history. Through his meticulous research and engaging storytelling, he has left a lasting impact on the literary world, particularly in the genre of historical fiction.

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  • 1947: Lydia Bailey, by Kenneth Roberts

    “Lydia Bailey” by Kenneth Roberts is set in the early 19th century, the story revolves around Albion Hamlin, a lawyer who travels to Boston to defend a man accused of breaking the Alien and Sedition Act. After being imprisoned, Hamlin escapes to Haiti in search of his client’s daughter, Lydia Bailey, whom he has fallen in love with through her portrait. The book delves into themes of love, adventure, and political intrigue as Hamlin navigates the tumultuous events of the time.

    With its navy blue hardcover and ornate design, this vintage book is in good to very good condition, showing minor wear and rubbing to the cover boards and spine. Although the pages have yellowed due to age, the book remains tightly bound with no writing or markings. A must-read for fans of historical fiction and those interested in the early years of American history.

  • 1940 First Edition: Oliver Wiswell, by Kenneth Roberts

    Oliver Wiswell is a historical novel written by Kenneth Roberts and published in 1940. The book tells the story of Oliver Wiswell, a young man from Massachusetts who joins the British army during the American Revolution. As the war progresses, Wiswell becomes disillusioned with the British cause and begins to sympathize with the American rebels. He eventually defects to the American side and becomes a spy for the Continental Army.

    The novel is known for its detailed portrayal of the American Revolution from the perspective of a loyalist. Roberts, who was known for his meticulous research, used primary sources to create a historically accurate account of the war. The book was well-received upon its release and was praised for its vivid characters and realistic depiction of the era. Today, Oliver Wiswell is considered a classic of historical fiction and a valuable resource for anyone interested in the American Revolution.

  • 1969: Arundel, by Kenneth Roberts, International Collectors Library

    Arundel by Kenneth Roberts is a historical fiction novel set during the early days of the American Revolution. The story follows Benedict Arnold and his army of colonials as they make their way through the Maine wilderness towards Quebec. The author’s meticulous attention to historical detail is evident in his descriptions of the exact locations of barricades, defending forces, and houses in old Quebec at the time of Arnold’s attack. The novel is not only an engaging story but also a fresh and shrewd approach to pre-Revolutionary American history.

    The International Collectors Library edition of Arundel is bound in wine red with a pronounced grain and features a cover design by celebrated American artist and designer Rafael Palacios. The design includes original arrangements of lines and geometric forms that reflect the dynamic impact of twentieth-century literature upon the culture and thinking of our times. The volume is stamped in genuine 24K gold on the cover and spine and features coated gold top edges and a matching ribbon marker. The clean, uncluttered design and attention to detail make this edition a beautiful addition to any collection.