Osbert Sitwell was a British author and poet who was born on December 6, 1892, and passed away on May 4, 1969. He belonged to the Sitwell literary family, which also included his siblings Edith and Sacheverell. Osbert Sitwell was known for his unique literary style, often characterized by his use of elaborate and ornate language. His works were heavily influenced by the decadent movement and the aestheticism of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Sitwell’s writing encompassed various genres, including poetry, novels, and biographies. He explored a wide range of themes and subjects in his works, from historical figures to mythological tales. Some of his notable works include “Triple Fugue” (1924), “The Collected Satires and Poems of Osbert Sitwell” (1931), and “Left Hand! Right Hand!” (1945). Sitwell’s contribution to the literary world lies in his ability to infuse his writing with rich imagery and a distinct poetic voice, which has left a lasting impact on the genre of poetry and literature as a whole.

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