Thurston Clarke is an American author known for his works in historical non-fiction and journalism. Born in 1946, he has written extensively on American history, particularly focusing on the 20th century. Clarke’s writing style is characterized by meticulous research and a compelling storytelling approach.

Throughout his career, Clarke has explored various genres and subjects within American history. He has written about the Kennedy family, delving into their personal lives and political influence. One of his notable works includes “”JFK’s Last Hundred Days: The Transformation of a Man and the Emergence of a Great President,” which provides an in-depth analysis of John F. Kennedy’s final months in office.

In addition to his writings on the Kennedys, Clarke has also covered other significant events and figures in American history. His book “Pearl Harbor Ghosts: A Journey to Hawaii Then and Now” examines the impact of the Pearl Harbor attack and its lasting effects on the island. Clarke’s expertise in historical research and his ability to bring the past to life through his writing have made him a respected figure in the genre of historical non-fiction.

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