W. Somerset Maugham was a renowned British author who lived from 1874 to 1965. He is considered one of the most successful and influential writers of his time. Maugham’s literary style is often characterized as realistic and psychological, with a focus on human nature and the complexities of relationships. His works often explore themes of love, betrayal, and the clash between societal expectations and personal desires.

Maugham’s writing was heavily influenced by his own experiences as a medical student and his travels around the world. His works often reflect his fascination with different cultures and the human condition. Some of his notable works include “Of Human Bondage,” a semi-autobiographical novel that explores the struggles and growth of its protagonist, and “The Razor’s Edge,” which delves into themes of spiritual enlightenment and the search for meaning in life.

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  • 1941: Ashenden or the British Agent, by W. Somerset Maugham

    Ashenden or the British Agent is a classic novel written by W. Somerset Maugham. It follows the story of Ashenden, a British agent during World War I, as he goes on various missions to gather intelligence and thwart enemy plans. The novel is based on Maugham’s own experiences as a British agent during the war, giving it a sense of authenticity and realism.

    The novel is divided into several short stories, each one detailing a different mission that Ashenden undertakes. Through these stories, Maugham explores the themes of espionage, betrayal, and loyalty. The novel is a gripping and suspenseful read, with well-developed characters and intricate plot twists. It is a must-read for fans of spy novels and historical fiction.

  • Of Human Bondage, by W. Somerset Maugham, Twentieth Century Classics Collectible Edition

    Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham is a classic novel that follows the life of Philip Carey, a young man who struggles to find his place in the world. The story begins with Philip as a young boy who is orphaned and sent to live with his strict and unloving uncle. As he grows up, Philip becomes interested in art and literature, but his uncle insists that he become a doctor. Philip agrees, but finds that he has no passion for medicine and struggles to succeed in his studies.

    Throughout the novel, Philip experiences love, loss, and disappointment as he tries to find his way in life. He falls in love with a woman named Mildred, who treats him poorly and ultimately leaves him for another man. He also struggles with his own physical limitations, as he is born with a clubfoot that causes him pain and embarrassment. Of Human Bondage is a powerful exploration of the human condition and the struggles that we all face in our quest for happiness and fulfillment.

    This collectible edition of Of Human Bondage is a beautiful green leatherette hardcover volume with gilt ornamentation on the cover and spine. Although there is slight rubbing along the length of the spine fold and minor overall fading of pages due to age, the book is almost as good as new with no writing or markings. This edition is a wonderful addition to any collection and is sure to be treasured by fans of classic literature.