Waldo Selden Pratt was an American musicologist and author. He is best known for his work in the field of music history and education. Pratt’s expertise in music history is evident in his influential works, such as “The History of Music: A handbook and Guide for Students”.

In his books, Pratt provides a comprehensive overview of the history of music, making them valuable resources for students and music enthusiasts alike. He covers various topics, including the development of different musical genres, the evolution of musical instruments, and the contributions of notable composers throughout history. Pratt’s writing style is informative and accessible, making complex musical concepts easy to understand.

Pratt’s works have had a significant impact on the field of music education, providing a foundation for students to explore and appreciate the rich history of music. His meticulous research and attention to detail make his books reliable sources of information for anyone interested in studying or understanding the evolution of music.

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  • 1930: The History of Music: A handbook and Guide for Students, by Waldo Selden Pratt

    The History of Music: A handbook and Guide for Students by Waldo Selden Pratt is a comprehensive guide to the history of music, offering valuable insights for students and enthusiasts alike. This revised edition, published by G. Schirmer in New York in 1930, spans 734 pages and covers a wide range of musical topics. The blue hardcover volume features gilt ornamentation and lettering on the cover and spine, with moderate wear including rubbing, fading, and discoloration. The book is inscribed with notes on the inside covers and shows signs of aging, such as slight yellowing of pages and partial separation from the spine at the front blank pages. Despite these cosmetic issues, the content remains intact and valuable for those interested in the history of music.

    This handbook provides a thorough overview of music history, making it an essential resource for students and music enthusiasts.

  • 1936: Anthony Adverse by Hervey Allen

    Anthony Adverse by Hervey Allen is a classic historical novel published by Farrar and Rinehart in New York in 1936. The hardcover volume is bound in silver-colored cloth with dark lettering on the cover and spine. Despite minor wear to the cover, the book is in very good condition, with no markings or writing. The fading to page color and occasional foxing due to the age of the book add to its vintage charm. The deckled fore-edges and grey-colored top edges give the book an elegant touch. Set in the 18th century, the novel follows the life of the eponymous protagonist as he navigates through love, loss, and adventure. With its rich historical detail and compelling characters, Anthony Adverse is a valuable addition to any historical fiction collection.